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Flirting signs: how to know she likes you

If you don’t know whether a woman you are in touch with is flirting and likes you, you may need some help to learn the flirting signs women usually send when they want to grab your attention. Sometimes, it is really difficult to figure out what girls think and mean.

The guide below will help you spot obvious flirting signs and understand whether a girl really tries to flirt with you or it only seems to you. Learn these flirting rules, stop guessing,  and know for sure.

Is she flirting or not?

Flirting signs are very frustrating and confusing. It is very easy to get lost or find yourself in a very embarrassing situation. Guys often do not notice flirting signs from girls or see them when she doesn’t mean anything like that.

Because of such misunderstandings, both are offended and frustrated. It is crucial to learn to read those signs and notice them on time. Otherwise, you may never find a girl and miss all her attention she is showing.

She is touching you accidentally

obvious flirting signs

If a girl touched you by accident once, it doesn’t mean anything, do not even try to start flirting back. However, if her touches are systematic and she touches your hand, leg, shoulder, etc., most likely, she wants to attract your attention.

An accident touch once or twice doesn’t mean anything while if you see she is doing it not accidentally at all, pay attention because someone might want you. Moreover, you should feel these flirting signs because they are pretty tender. As you can understand, it is almost impossible to touch someone this way by accident.

You should know though that there is no need to touch her back at once. The signs she is showing are subconscious, and she is just trying to tell you that you seem attractive and appealing. If you start doing the same on purpose, her reaction can be unpredictable.

Your touches are not what she is expecting from you at that stage. Try to buy her a drink, ask her out, take her phone number, and show that you are also interested. In other words, do everything to show that the initiative is yours and not hers.

She laughs at your jokes

One of the most obvious signs of flirting is when a woman laughs at your jokes. She finds you unbelievably funny and hilarious. You should know that if you can make her laugh, you are halfway to success. Women really appreciate when a guy possesses a brilliant sense of humor.

However, if you didn’t even try to impress her with your jokes but she finds you witty and shows it no matter what you say, she is definitely flirting with you. Appreciate it and know that a woman finds you attractive and wants to know you more and maybe even have a date with you.

A girl is asking lots of questions

When a woman asks you many questions about you, your life, hobbies, family, pets, and whatever else she can ask, you shouldn’t suppose she is curious and behaves this way with everyone. Girls never want to know anything about someone they are not interested in.

If you are asked a lot of questions, realize that she is showing her interest, wants to know as much as possible about you, and yes, she is flirting. This is one of the best signs. She tries to show you that she wants to spend more time with you, so don’t miss this chance.


You cannot find more obvious flirting signs from a woman than teasing. By the way, when a guy is teasing, he is also interested in that girl and is flirting. Teasing is the best way to show that you are not indifferent.

Even when you were a schoolboy, you surely teased the girls you liked. You didn’t mean to offend them or scare but you were doing it not on purpose. This is human nature and this way, people subconsciously express their affection. If a girl is teasing you, she is definitely flirting and you have to grab the opportunity to date her.

Body language

To figure out what a woman thinks about you and what her intentions are, you should learn her body language. Our bodies and movements can tell a lot about us. The signs that a girl is flirting are as follows: she draws your attention to her neck and shoulders.

Of course, don’t expect her to tell you to look at her neck or shoulders. She will do it automatically and you will notice it. For example, she is touching her necklace all the time trying to show you her neck. She isn’t doing it on purpose, but all these flirting signs are subconscious and are only related to women’s psychology.

Moreover, when you speak, a girl is leaning towards you listening to your every word very attentively. This is a sign of not only flirt but a very deep interest in you. Don’t miss such important expressions of her desire to get to know you better.

No physical borders

signs of flirting

Girls usually keep unknown guys at a distance. They don’t allow you to sit closer or talk to you closer than they want. However, if a girl doesn’t have or removes all physical boundaries between you and her, this is a sign a woman is flirting with you.

Once again, you shouldn’t start your physical contact with her, don’t even think to touch her. Just know that this woman lets you in her personal space, thus, she wants to get to know you more and maybe, have a date with you.

She likes the idea of having a date

Of course, you didn’t ask her out for a first date yet. However, when she speaks, you can hear in her words that she doesn’t mind going on a date with you. When a girl is flirting, she gives you many hints and signs that she wants you to ask her out.

If you appear to be not very clever to understand her hints, she will just tell you directly that she would like to go out and why don’t you ask her. The hints can be as follows:

  • I haven’t been going out for a long time;
  • Have you been to a new café that was open a week ago?
  • I haven’t been to the cinema for ages, etc.

She tells you this not to complain or share with you her problem of the lack of time but because she wants you to say: I haven’t been to the cinema for ages either, let’s go together tomorrow!

A girl is trying to reach you out

Needless to say that when a girl initiates contact with you and wants to see, hear, or read you, this is one of the signs she is flirting and seeking a meeting with you. Pay attention to what she writes to you as well.

For example, how many and what exactly emojis she is using when texting you. See how often she texts you at all. She may do it for practical things and ask for something business or study-like and consider you just her friend. However, if she writes to you for no reason and wants to talk about nothing and everything at a time, she really likes you.

Don’t think that each time she messages you, she is flirting though. Not all texts or calls are about flirting seeking contact with you. A girl may just need your help because you are the only guy she knows who knows how to install some software or fix her fridge, for example.

Moreover, very often, girls are just using guys for help. If she asks for your help all the time without other signs of flirting, you are most likely in her friend zone or she is just abusing your kindness. Pay attention to such things either if you don’t want to be utilized until someone better appears on her horizon.

Pay attention to her lips and fingers

Another expression and the best sign of a flirting girl is her lips and fingers. You should pay attention to her lips. When a girl is flirting and likes you, she is licking her lips. Yes, just like in a romantic movie. She isn’t just flirting, she wants you badly.

Girls’ hair is also a wonderful sign of her intentions. When she is talking to you and trying to flirt, she may touch her hair all the time and run her fingers through it. Sometimes they do it when they are nervous, so it is necessary to distinguish these two signs.

Of course, when a girl is always smiling and friendly to you, it doesn’t mean she is flirting but she feels good about you. People who like someone and flirt don’t avoid eye-contact and vice versa, seek it. Pay attention to her eyes, they are a reflection of her inner wishes

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