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Foreign chat: the pros and cons

Many guys are looking to chat with foreign girls nowadays and it’s no wonder that many girls also want to chat with foreign men. Why not make each other happy then? It is very exciting to talk to someone who doesn’t speak your language and comes from a totally different culture.

There are multiple foreign chat rooms all over the internet and you can easily log in and check how they work and what they offer. Each of them has its advantages and drawbacks, so below, you will find out about them all.

How to chat with foreign women

You can do it in many ways actually. One of them is to use your social media profile (if any) and start chatting with foreign women. Don’t be too encouraged though because girls often reject unknown guys who knock their social media profiles.

It’s no wonder because everyone appreciates their privacy and no one wants to be disturbed without giving permission. Another option is to join free foreign chat rooms. There are many women who speak foreign languages and are eager to chat with foreign men.

Last but not least, you can subscribe to a dating site and start chatting with foreign ladies. For that purpose, you need to choose international dating sites where you can meet women from various countries and speak different languages.

There exist both free and paid foreign dating sites and it is up to you what one to choose. You can find more about each of the options for a foreign chat below and learn about their pros and cons.

Social networks

foreign language chat

A great option for a foreign language chat is talking to a girl using your social network profile. It’s not a secret that most people in the world use social media every day to communicate with their friends, families, and colleagues.

Such networks often have dating platforms where you don’t even need to create a new profile but use the one you already have. It is a convenient way of chatting with foreign women.


  • totally free;
  • profiles of women from multiple countries.


  • women usually reject unknown men calling them on social media;
  • many scammers and not serious foreign girls.

Free chat rooms

Nowadays, it is not very easy to find a free foreign chat room but if you do some investigation, you may come across a couple of them. Such chats with foreign women usually require you to log in using your email and creating a password.

As a rule, you can communicate in a general chat room where all members can see you and discuss various topics. Usually, most members communicate in English. However, you can choose a private chat room if you and someone else will agree. You can meet some good foreign girls there even.


  • it is totally free;
  • webcam chat;
  • private chat rooms;
  • the option of banning someone annoying.


  • many perverts and predators;
  • they are more for just talks than dating.

Free dating apps

Using a free dating app for chatting in a foreign language stopped being something extraordinary. People from all over the world keep downloading apps to get to know each other, date, or become friends.

They are very convenient and easy to download. You will hardly find a free dating app nowadays because most of them require some fees for using a wide range of services. Without it, you will hardly find it very effective.


  • very low fees compared to websites;
  • easy to use and download;
  • allow communicating with people from any corner of the world.


  • many fake profiles;
  • not serious girls mostly looking for money or hookups;
  • monthly membership for accessing full services.

Free dating sites

foreign chat rooms

If you want to chat with foreign women, you can try free dating sites. These venues are pretty much like described above. Such platforms are never fully free. As a rule, you pay some nominal fee for using the services fully.

Unfortunately, you will probably only be able to send some winks or like someone’s photos for free on such sites. To get in touch with other members and use a foreign chat online, it will be necessary to become a paid member.


  • relatively low price;
  • some features are available for free;
  • profiles of girls from almost all countries of the globe.


  • many scammers;
  • lots of fake profiles.

Paid dating sites

This is the last but very efficient way of chatting with foreign women. To find women speaking foreign languages for chats, you need not look for local dating sites but join some international sites. If you place an inquiry online, you will see how many of them are there.

However, don’t be in a hurry to join and purchase a membership. There is also a lot of scam online and even your expensive subscription won’t help. You should pick a reputable site if you are going to pay money for chatting with foreign girls.

Check some users’ reviews, see the testimonials and what kind of expectations other people had with it. Before paying your hard-earned money, check the terms and conditions because quite often, a surprise is waiting for you somewhere in the middle of your communication with a foreign girl.

To avoid various unpleasant misunderstandings and surprises, you should find out at once when you are charged, how often, and what for. Being in a hurry isn’t the best thing to get high-quality foreign chats.


  • a wide choice of profiles of foreign girls;
  • professional translation of your foreign language chat;
  • verification of women’s profiles;
  • a lot of other services apart from foreign chats;
  • professional and helpful customer support;
  • high satisfaction rate.


  • quite costly;
  • scam sometimes happens on not reputable dating sites.

How to succeed

If you are looking for chatting with foreign women online, you should first realize that these girls come from other countries and not only their languages but also their culture is different from yours. When in Rome, do like Romans do (if you understand what is meant).

It means that if you want not only to chat but find a girl for dating and succeed with her, you should adjust to her culture, including dating culture. If you don’t like that idea, why would you pay for any subscription at all if you are going to fail?

Thus, here are a couple of the most helpful tips for guys from any country that will help you succeed in chatting with foreign women regardless of which of the options you decide to choose. Here you go.

Prepare like for your date

chat foreign language

When chatting with foreign women online, don’t be silly. Girls are girls everywhere and they know what they are looking for. If they turn their cams on and see a messy guy in an untidy T-shirt, half-naked, or with a bottle of beer in his hand, they will probably turn it off at once.

None of the girls wants to see this on her cam. You will never succeed if you don’t prepare well for your foreign chat. Don’t think that if you sit in your bedroom, no one will notice a mess on your bed. Each detail matters.

A woman wants to see a man she will be pleased to look at. Bring your room and bed in order, at least the area seen on cam. Keep in mind a girl may ask you to show her your room. What will you do then? Dress up well and look your best.

Of course, there is no need to dress like for a wedding, but you shouldn’t be half-naked at least and your clothes must be clean, neat, and ironed. Avoid lying in your bed when chatting. It will make an impression of a careless man who has no respect for girls.

Avoid forbidden topics

Remember that this is just a foreign chat and girls also want to enjoy the conversation and feel a down-to-earth and unbiased atmosphere. You must watch out what you discuss with them. By all means, don’t start with the requests to show her body, talk about intimacy, etc.

None of the foreign girls will stand it. She will simply turn her camera off and most likely, ban you, so you will never be able to get in touch with her again. You must respect a woman after all. Leave such topics and talks for your future girlfriend but not for an unknown woman you see for the first time in your life.

Other topics like religion or politics are also not the best ones for chatting with foreign girls. You shouldn’t ask her about how much she earns as well. You should lead a normal and full-fledged dialogue. Don’t overwhelm her with questions and give her time to reply to them and ask you something back. Avoid embarrassing silence as well. Remember to lead a normal conversation without monologues, either yours or hers.

Chatting with foreign girls is possible in many ways. You just need to choose your option and don’t forget that you are talking to unknown women, so respect them even if you think this is just a chat room.

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