best dating site for over 50

The best online dating site for over 50

When you are over 50, life is not over, and even after a hard divorce or big loss in your life, you have all chances to be happy again. You shouldn’t give up on dating if you have reached your golden age. Vice versa, it’s time to start living again and enjoy the dating process.

How can you start dating again if you have not been doing it for a long time? Well, you have so many options in life and online dating is one of them. If you haven’t been dating for a while and don’t know how to start and where to find someone, here is the list of great dating services that offer multiple opportunities for people over 50. Pick your best dating site for over 50 and enjoy your new exciting life again.

Sofia Date

best online dating site for over 50 is a relatively new but very popular dating site for people over 50. It isn’t a specific dating service for seniors, it welcomes people of all ages, appearances, and social statuses. In other words, this dating site is for everyone.

How to register?

The registration on SofiaDate is as fast as the lightning. It won’t take long to become a member of that dating service. Even if you are over 50 and not very good at computers and technology, you won’t find it difficult to sign up.

Just provide your email address and create a password and that’s it. You can also sign up using your Google account. It is even faster. Right after completing this simple step, you are redirected to your profile. If you verify your email address, you can get free credits and that is a great bonus.

Special offers

Once you become a member, you can receive free credits to use on your web chats and messages. After confirming your email address, you get 15 more credits to use. If you use them all, you can purchase your first package for just $2.99 instead of $14 as a new customer.

The prices are very pleasant as you see. You will hardly meet such a pricing policy on any other site, that’s why SofiaDate is on the top of the best dating sites for people in their 50s and over.

The site offers such services as letters exchange, webcam chats, watching videos of women, gifts delivery, contact exchange, and even arrangements of meetings. The prices for all these services are very low and nominal compared to other dating sites.

You can find profiles of women of different age groups on SofiaDate, including girls in their 20s as well as ladies over 50. Any man can find a woman of his age group. All profiles are manually verified, so you can be sure to date only real and decent ladies.

If you are willing to surprise your woman, you can order a gift right in your profile. There are multiple gifts on Sofia Date, the choice is really huge — from flowers to various gadgets and perfume. The prices are also very pleasant and you will see the difference between this site and other services because the gifts are really affordable.

Yes, if you need to start dating in your fifties, will be the best dating site for over 50. The experience and results will be great and unforgettable.

Silver Singles

best dating site for people over 50

As you can guess from the title of that website, this best dating site for people over 50 was created specifically for those who are looking for love in their golden age. It is not difficult to use even for those who are not good at computers.

The interface of the site is very appealing and promising. You can feel why you are there at once. It provides not very expensive services for people who want to find their new love and start a new life. The reviews of customers all over the web are great. People enjoy their experience and are happy with the results.

How to register?

To sign up, you should only pick your gender, provide your email and password. The registration is free and similar for both men and women. The prices are not high and the subscription will open many new horizons and access to a full range of services to you.


The membership for a year will cost you: $24.95 (12 X $24.95) per month. If you are going to subscribe for 6 months only, you will need to pay $34.95 (6 X $34.95) a month. A 3-month subscription is going to cost you $44.95 (3 X $44.95) a month.

The principle of the site is based on the compatibility of matches. You provide a detailed description of yourself, your interests, and expectations. Based on that information, you will receive your potential matches.

If you want to have a nice, flawless, and not expensive experience, you can pick that site for your search when you are in your fifties or more. It will be perfect and the number of potential matches is huge.


best dating site for women over 50

This is one of the best dating sites for over 50 and it must be well-known to you. It has been operating for many years now and managed to gain its good reputation. The site is created not only for people over 50 but for everyone, in general. You can sign up regardless of your age.

Just like a previous dating site, it creates matches automatically and you are sent profiles of women based on your preferences and your personality details.

How to register?

The registration on that site won’t be difficult, but you will need to create a detailed profile and fill in all the details to get the most precise matches. All seniors can use it easily and you will not find it difficult either.


There are two membership plans on eHarmony — basic and premium. You can use a free basic plan and still enjoy communication with each other. However, if you want to enjoy a full-fledged community and use the app to the fullest, you will need to purchase a premium subscription. It is not expensive and won’t affect your budget much.

Senior Match

best dating site for 50 and over

Another best dating site for 50 and over called Senior Match has been operating for around 20 years and has successfully connected many senior couples. The site is great for you if you are in your fifties and looking for a new match. Most members are over 45, widowed, or divorced.

How to register?

The registration process is very simple and fast. You are free to sign in with your Facebook account. It will be necessary to upload a photo and fill in some information about yourself to complete a profile.


The good news is that you do not have to purchase anything to reply to messages or send winks. You will do it for free. However, you cannot initiate a conversation for free. To write to someone on your own, you will need to get a subscription.

There are very nice services on that site. There is a chat room to communicate with other members of your choice. Sending winks and chatting is easy and since most of their members are seniors who do not have a lot of knowledge in computers or technology, the site is very well-designed taking into account their needs and opportunities.

You can view profile pictures of all users for free and won’t be charged for that. It is also possible to upload your private photo album to your profile. Almost all services are available for free. You will need to pay for your Gold membership only to initiate a conversation with someone. It is not that bad. The site can be used for free pretty significantly.

If you are looking for the best online dating site for people over 50, this one could be a good choice. It helped to connect so many people regardless of their ages and locations, so why don’t you try it as well.

Elena’s models

dating site for 50 and over

Unlike a previous dating service, this best website for singles over 50 is aimed at meeting people from different countries. This is also a very popular dating site providing many interesting services to people. For example, a qualified dating coach and CEO of the site Elena coaches single men on how to deal with foreign women.

Most ladies on the site come from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, however, there are many women living in the USA and Europe. Most of them are Slavic women though. Thus, if you are a senior who wants to marry a Slavic woman, you can find her on that website. She doesn’t even have to live in Ukraine or Russia; she can live in your area.

How to register?

The registration is fast for men but not for women. They do verify ladies’ profiles manually and thoroughly. The registration is free, however, you won’t be able to use the services without getting a membership.


There are three subscription plans on that site — Gold, Premium, and Ultimate. The price of the first one starts at nearly $20 and of the last one at nearly $100 per month. You can find the information on the services included right on their site. Everything is very transparent, so you have nothing to worry about.

There are very different profiles of women, and a man of any age can find what he is looking for on the site. One of the features you may like is that you can see the status of a woman. For example, when she visited the site for the last time. This way, you can pick the most active ladies and avoid communicating with ghosts.

In general, the site doesn’t look like others, the design is quite different. On the site, you can see many tests of couples and there are many unions of seniors, so you might be lucky to find your love as well.

Our Time

dating site for women over 50

This is one more website that works best for people over 50. It is created specifically for seniors and it is stated right on their home page. The site has a nice design and is very easy to navigate. Unfortunately, you will not be able to meet a foreign bride with its help because it is designed for the UK users mostly. However, you can also use it hassle-free if you are from the USA or Europe.

How to sign up?

You will enjoy the registration process for sure. Why enjoy it? Because it is very different from that on other dating websites. It is designed in the form of an online chat and when you provide all the information, it looks like you chat with the site. Very interesting and cheerful and in that aspect, this online dating service is unique.

The site has a very nice mobile version, so you can easily use it on your mobile phone when being on the go. You can easily navigate the menu and find all the necessary information. You can also download an app. When the site has an app, it is very convenient.

The registration is free for both men and women. The process is quite fast.


Here on Our Time, you can enjoy various services that are necessary for you to meet your match. There is even a video chat where you can see and talk to your potential partner just like you do on your phone.

The peculiarity of that nice website is that you can get coaching and tips. After providing many details about yourself, you can entrust your process to specialists.

Your privacy is fully protected and no one will get your personal information until you want it. The site is safe and secure. Your experience will be very pleasant.

The list of the best dating sites for singles over 50 must help you understand your needs and expectations and find your potential match. Use only the best services that take care of you, your safety, and privacy. Start dating regardless of your age!

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