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Find Your Perfect Match With Sofia Date

With the increasing popularity of dating sites, there’s been an increase in different niches of dating platforms. One of them is dating Slavic ladies. Given their unique features and elegance, you’re definitely to be lucky to meet these gorgeous women on the SofiaDate dating site. This will give a great experience providing you with safe and pleasant moments chatting with these members online.

So, what makes a site unique, appealing, and most preferred? There are a lot of criteria to look through to judge whether the site is good or bad. With this dating site review, you’ll discover why is a great choice for you and why it’s the top one when it comes to dating Slavic ladies.

SofiaDate at a glance

Being quite a recent dating site, it has succeeded in gathering the attention of people interested in finding charming matches. There are a lot of great features with the free options as well. Of course, the site isn’t free, but it has its own refund policy in case of having issues or dissatisfaction. Moreover, safety is another pride of the site that you should consider while thinking on this site.

Pros & Cons of SofiaDate

Sofia Date

Like every site, it has great sides, yet there’s something to develop to become more sophisticated. Yet, as a new dating site, it’s really awesome in offering its services. So, time to look at the good and bad sides of it.


  • easy and fast to sign up;
  • nice and practical features;
  • a great range of choices;
  • appealing interface;
  • nice profile;
  • good customer support.


  • prices above average (but you get excellent service for your money).

Registration on SofiaDate


The site verifies all its members, yet it doesn’t mean that your registration will take a long time. When you enter the home page, on the left side, you’ll see a box you need to fill in to get registered on the site. You need to provide your name and your mail. Also, there’s a need to provide information about your birth date to prove that you’re above 18.  Once you enter all your information, you’ll be redirected to your new profile.

Don’t forget that there’s another option of getting registered via Gmail directly. Anyway, once you’re on your profile, you’ll see an option of verifying your email. This is an important step, as, after verification, the site will provide free 10 credits so that you may benefit from its online features.

Profile and its features

What’s unique about SofiaDate is your profile page, as almost everything needed is here for you. Here, you may check your balance and many other things. So, it’s important to understand this page in detail. Once you register, your account will have 25 credits, a gift from the site’s administration.

What’s more, you should add your recent photo and provide information about yourself. There’s a great option for making your profile rather informative and practical. For men using this site, it’s a chance to indicate your preferences and needs. So, you’ll find the following:

  • social information: it’s a place where you fill in the information like your occupation, your marital status, and so on;
  • about myself: you indicate here interesting things about yourself along with your propensities;
  • girl’s appearance: this is a place where you indicate how your girl of preference should look along with her age;
  • social preferences: here, you show what you expect your future match to have, like marital status, educational level, etc.
  • girl’s hobby and habits: you indicate your expectations regarding your match.

Features of SofiaDate

Sofia Date

There are great features you find on this dating site. Once you create your profile, the site will make suggestions of women’s profiles so that you can browse their profiles. Along with a chance to look through their profile and photo galleries, you may employ several beneficial features like sending messages or asking to chat.

As an ice breaker, you may send your future match a sticker. Also, you may use the video chat option as well. Moreover, on your profile, you’ll see the option of sending gifts. Actually, sending gift options come in two forms. One is virtual, and the other is a real one, which would be a bit more expensive than the former one.

Women’s profiles and their quality

Even though the site has a right to ask for some documents proving your identity and where you live along with your telephone number, the site’s policy is stricter for its female members. The site’s partners review and interview women willing to date on SofiaDate with verifying their identities.

As a result, you get good profile quality along with real profiles. Besides, the women on the site are assisted in the following so that you may get the maximum benefit and real women online:

  • profile creation and filling verified information (for example, the number of children or marital status);
  • adding photos;
  • translation of the message;
  • other important aspect related to dating online with clarification of rule to be complied with while online.

Safety of SofiaDate

To enable security online, the site employs several important features to protect your personal and financial information. First of all, it’s worth mentioning GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), a basis of regulation rules the site abides by.

Also, SofiaDate employs McAfee to protect sites from malevolent activities. Moreover, to protect your data, there is another important protection tool known as SSL (secure connection).

Customer support of SofiaDate


As the site isn’t free and there’s a refund policy online, there’s customer support to help you in case of unexpected problems, or just if it happens, you may need to complain about any particular issue or profile. So, the professional team will assist you with all your problems and will try to recommend something.

For now, there’s only one way of reaching the support team. On the right corner at the bottom, you’ll see the link of support. When you click on it, there will be a new window where you’ll have to fill in your email, description of your problem, and, if possible, a photo of what you’re dealing with. Your response will come ASAP.

About the prices of SofiaDate

The great thing about this site is that it’s based on a credit system. So, you pay for what you want without a need to buy a membership. Maybe, prices are a bit higher than usual prices, yet what you get for these prices will be worth your money and attention.

  • one sticker: 2 credits
  • 1 minute chat:2 credits
  • one letter: 10 credits
  • one audio message:15 credits
  • one video message:25 credits
  • viewing video show:20 credits
  • contact information request:500 credits.

Note: don’t forget that you cannot request any contact information unless you have spent 4,000 credits on a particular member whose contact information you’re requesting.

Bottom line

Despite looking a bit expensive, the SofiaDate dating platform is ready to offer you a lot of great things for you. If you’re ready to find your future Slavic lady, why not try it right now. With this platform, you’ll get high levels of security, great features, professional support, a refund in case of dissatisfaction, and great women you can choose from. So, you’re several clicks from finding your perfect match.

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