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What You Need To Know About Slavic Brides

Are you into ladies from Ukraine or Russia? Maybe you may love a lady from Belorussia. The common thing about these ladies is that they’re Slavic ladies. Such phenomenal interest in these brides has stemmed from the advent of mail order bride sites. It has made meeting Slavic brides more convenient, contributing to the increasing number of international marriages.

The majority of Slavic women speak two or more languages. The languages spoken by them are Russian, English, and their native one. However, it’s not their language knowledge that attracts many Western men. The major two nations of Slavic brides are Ukraine and Russia as there are many mail order brides from these regions.

What makes these Slavic brides so special?

slavic brides

In the late 20th century, mail order brides would seek economic relief given the difficult conditions of the countries living through the 90s, a period of high corruption and crisis widespread in Slavic countries. Yet, to say the same about this century won’t be right. There are more reasons why these beauties want to marry Western men. But, what makes these men desire them badly?

Beauty as their inherent feature

One of the main appealing features of these women is their incredible beauty and appearance. For example, many people meeting Slaving brides describe how charming they are. The reason behind their beauty is genetics. But it’s not only about inherent beauty but also about how they try to maintain their appearance.

One of the most unusual myths about Slavic ladies is that they drink a lot and eat junk food. The stigma of the Soviet culture of drinking and eating is still traceable nowadays, but this is not true. People like overgeneralizing about these women too much.

However, don’t forget that they keep a healthy life and try to keep strict diets. Even though you may think that they’re keen on meat and fast food, you’ll be surprised to learn that there is a growth in the number of vegetarians and vegans among these brides. They’re epitomes of healthy lifestyles.

Well-educated ladies

The most stunning Slavic brides will surprise you not only with their appearance but also with their education level. While browsing the profiles of these charming brides, you’ll see that the majority of them have higher education and even Master’s degrees.

Why is it so? One of the reasons is the Soviet’s legacy. During the Soviet period, education was prioritized and many had to graduate from high school as education was compulsory. The other reason is that universities in Slavic countries are almost free or at least affordable.

This is an important feature for those looking for a chic and smart woman at the same time. Thus, Slavic brides really stand out from other mail order brides. In addition, these ladies come from various cultural backgrounds, and thus it gives them a unique feature of being smart and erudite.

Great at housework

Family reality is not sitting and chatting all the time. A real wife is supposed to be the one who will be in charge of the house she lives in. That’s a problem nowadays, as women have become more career-oriented and not willing to be responsible for housework.

The good news is that such a problem will be less likely with Slavic brides. The main reason is how they’re brought up in their families. Since childhood, they have learned how to cook, clean, and take responsibility. Thus, they’re not afraid of work.

What’s more, don’t forget that Slavic brides are really good cooks. The cuisine of Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, and other countries has a lot in common and can be country-specific at the same time. Be sure that when you marry her, you’ll have great surprises in terms of the food you’ll eat.

Passionate lovers

As the last and important feature is their passionate trait. No matter at what age Slavic brides can be, they’re always passionate and ready for love. For a family to be solid and lasting, this feature may play a key role.

It’s not new to say that intimate closeness between husband and wife is an indicator of a successful marriage. Much has been said and written on this topic, but these women can make you happy throughout your life in practice.

Actually, if you have ever seen them online or in reality, you know that they can make anyone lose their mind given their body shapes and beauty. And if to add their passionate character, you’ll get an amazing experience.

Finding Slavic brides in Ukraine and Russia

how long do slavic brides last in usa

Many bride agency sites are helping to arrange mail order brides of Slavic origin. However, the main choice will be between Ukrainian and Russian ladies, even though Slavic brides aren’t limited to these regions.

Slavic brides from Ukraine

Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful in Europe and very modern. Still, they’re considered to be women of contrast. It’s because they can be modern and traditional at the same time. Unlike many Western cultures, in Ukraine, these beauties value family concept and create stronger families.

For them pursuing a career can be combined with family building. Still, with the development of mail order bride services, they have started to seek happiness abroad. It’s because they want to find someone understanding, financially stable, and the one who can share a life with them.

Slavic brides from Russia

There are some complaints that Russian ladies are very serious and cold. This can be true as they don’t trust everyone easily. Once you gain their trust, the rest will be easy to move on. What’s more, Russian women have a great sense of humor that makes them more appealing.

Unlike Ukrainian ladies, Russians tend to be more demanding. For example, they expect more when it comes to dating them. If you don’t give and spoil her with presents or flowers, this might offend them. They don’t trust someone who can’t afford to spoil their women.

How to treat Slavic brides?

The common side of Slavic ladies is being open and straightforward. They don’t like lies and the ones who lie. Thus, the main advice is that you’d better be open like a book. Moreover, the more attentive you’re to them, the faster you’ll gain her respect and love.

On every date, these women do their best to impress you with their beauty as they’re obsessed with the way they look. So, you’re the one to notice that and compliment her, which is quite crucial in your further relationship. Leaving her beauty without comments can be a huge mistake.

The last important aspect is to show that you can afford her. What does it mean? These women trust those who can make them happy with gifts, going to restaurants, etc. Since marriage is sacrificing a lot, and they’re ready for that. But are you ready to spend something on them? Thus, don’t be afraid that they love flowers or expensive gifts. The more you treat them with your generosity, the more you’ll be rewarded later.

About meeting Slavic brides online

meet slavic brides

Now that you can consider Slavic ladies for marriage, the question is where to meet these beauties online. There are many dating and mail order bride platforms for arranging brides of Slavic origin. So, what do you need to do?

  • find the dating site of your preference: looking for Slavic brides can be complicated and challenging, so it would be better to look through countries like Russia or Ukraine. If you have decided which one you prefer, start seeking a site accordingly.
  • sign up and create your profile: it’s time for registration and creating your profile. After you pass registration, you’d better include your photo or photos and fill up the required information. The informative profile is key to finding your future bride.
  • use features of the site: if your site is a decent one, you may start using the features to make your stay online more productive. So, there are options like chatting, liking photos, browsing others’ profiles, and so on.
  • benefit from searching tools: never forget to use searching algorithms to find the one who will suit you. Searching tools are great when it comes to finding your specific person. You can pick a person based on the criteria like age, marital status, educational background, propensities, etc.

Bottom line

Slavic brides are very popular among men seeking a chance to have a foreign wife. Given their unique features, you have a chance to change your life into something unforgettable and unbelievable. Despite your age and preferences, you’ll find your soulmate online if you’re ready for such a venture.

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